Wednesday, 1 September 2010

erm...I'm in Thailand???

It was a week today that I left home and was travelling in the car to Heathrow Airport. It feels like a month! So much has happened! The journey went well, there was no problems an it was really fun being with all the other volunteers. My partner is called Cameron and we are both getting on very well.

Once we got to Bangkok the first thing I thought was HEAT!!! It is sooooo fucking hot in Thailand, I love it but I am permanently melting! Thank god for deodorant. We spent two days in bangkok to rest and get over the jet lag, altough we spent most of our time exlporing. To some up Bangkok in 3 words I would say Fast, Loud and insanley huge! We visited a massive shopping centre called MBK, were I got a Thai mobile phone and had a general mooch about.

The feeling of being in Thailand is very strange, it hasn't yet sunk in that I', actually here for a year. I am moving into my house on Tuesday so maybe it will sink in more then. I miss everyone but I'm having an awesome time as well.

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