Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I'm a teacher!!

On Monday I had to get up at 5:30 (same for every morning) and get ready to leave for school for 7. When me and Cameron got too school EVERYONE just stared at us. Especially the younger students as they have never seen pale skin for real before. All the students are really friendly though, and they laugh at us all the time. We were taken to the English staff office were I was shown my desk! It was sooooo cool!! I was like 'I'm a Teacher!'. I can't stop thinking what the fuck am I doing! I met all the English staff. There names are...
Pee Neng
Pee Aed
Pee Ju
Pee Nong
Pee Add
Na Kop
Pee Mueng
Pee Ka
Pee Lyland
Philip and Jo.

Lots of Pee!! Thai's rarely call each other by the first names, instead they have nicknames. The 'Pee' means big sister, and 'Na' means Auntie. Thai's often call each other as family. For example near where my host family live there is an old woman who own's a little food shop, everyone calls her grandma. My Thai Nickname is Al-arn. It means forest :) oooo ye.

They have assembly at 8:00 every morning, it stars with a marching brass band. Me and Cameron followed behind, before they started playing Chat (who is head of music) said 'YMCA', I was can't be?? But it was, and on my first morning at Tak Pittayakom School we were marched through school accompanied by a marching band playing the YMCA!!! Best...thing...ever...Afterwards there was Buddhist prayers and a speech from the School Director (head). He is called Mr Somkiat.

My first class was with Pee Ju, she is really lovely. Cameron was with Pee Kop. Pee Kop is a ladyboy but in school she has too dress as a man and hates it if you refer to her as 'he'. For most of my lesson's I have been acting as the interesting foreigner for the students too practice there English on. They asked me lots of questions, the most popular being do I have a girlfriend, and when I say no it is always closley followed by a VERY loud ooooooOOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear Pee Ju is trying to set me up, they all think me and Cameron should get nice Thai girlfreinds, also we keep getting called handsome all the time! Which to be honest I don't mind too much...

The next day me and Cameron had to introduce ourselves to the whole school in assembly, that being about 50 teachers and 2500 students!! But it went well so no worry's there. As long as I don't have to do it again!

From wednesday to Friday its sports days, and I will most likely be dragged in to it! But having an awesome time!

First day in Tak!!!

Me and Cameron arrived in Tak on Sunday at 5am. We had travelled up to Tak from Bangkok on an overnight bus. We were picked up by one of the English teachers at Tak Pittayakom School called Pee Neng. She was very nice although it was quite surreal. She took us too her home and took us straight to a small bedroom, said night and shut the door as well as this metal gate thing that seem like we were being caged in, and so there I was. Standing in a bedroom, in some one's house in Thailand...its hard to explain the feeling but it was very wierd. Pee Neng has a husband and two young daughters who seemed very pleased to have someone to play badminton with.

After a few hours sleep we got up and we were met by Joe, one of the Project Vols from two years ago who was visiting Tak. It was really cool too meet him and ask lots of questions. It turned out that Pee Neng was not our host but another family 15 mins out of Tak, and so Pee Neng took us to the school were we were met buy our hosts daughter and her gang of friends. All were very excited to see us, they did a dance for us wich was really impressive. Also many of the boys in Thailand are quite feminine which is really funny! The concept of masculinity is kind of lost on Thai's! They were all really fun and welcoming. Our hosts Chat and Tay picked us up and took us too there house. They have a large home and are really nice.

That evening they took us out for sushi and too show us around, we ate by the river ping. Tak is very beautiful. It was the first time I had sushi and it was really good! However I didn't realise that that was only the starter and I was already full...they took us to Tak's night market were both me and Cameron were given a huge plate of rice with a big fried egg on top! We both managed to eat half of it but anymore and I would of been sick! Thai's LOVE food and can eat unholy amounts of it!! We were told next day would be our first day at school...

erm...I'm in Thailand???

It was a week today that I left home and was travelling in the car to Heathrow Airport. It feels like a month! So much has happened! The journey went well, there was no problems an it was really fun being with all the other volunteers. My partner is called Cameron and we are both getting on very well.

Once we got to Bangkok the first thing I thought was HEAT!!! It is sooooo fucking hot in Thailand, I love it but I am permanently melting! Thank god for deodorant. We spent two days in bangkok to rest and get over the jet lag, altough we spent most of our time exlporing. To some up Bangkok in 3 words I would say Fast, Loud and insanley huge! We visited a massive shopping centre called MBK, were I got a Thai mobile phone and had a general mooch about.

The feeling of being in Thailand is very strange, it hasn't yet sunk in that I', actually here for a year. I am moving into my house on Tuesday so maybe it will sink in more then. I miss everyone but I'm having an awesome time as well.